Hereby we introduce important projects, special for different reasons: power, wideness of the installation or because we were able to satisfy a particular request of the customer. Yes, correct, problem solving and customization are our points of strenght: carefully listening to the customer, we analize and plan a solution, sometimes really “tailor-made” for that specific installation, that can mean a change in the product or even the entire system configuration.


The project
Listening the description of the customer’ request. In this phase people communicate needs and specifications: relationship between Farfisa and the customer is at top.
Depending on geography, habits, specific needs of the installation, the solution could not been satisfied with Farfisa standard catalogue. The contact and relationship between Farfisa and the customer is the basic value.
Analyzing the request together. During this step, sales and technical teams meet and value the specifications together.
Sometimes we can speak of relevant volume for “contract” installations, where the Corporate has to be able to confirm all the contractor’ requests, not only in technical terms but even for economic and timing conditions.
Farfisa solution
Offering Farfisa Solution. The Company is able to select amongst its catalogue and offer the corresponding proposal or, in case the project is worth, the Corporate will supply the customized solution, perfectly adherent to the requests.
Quality as a Value means also flexibility, feature that for us stays for the best solution shared together, by satisfying specifications, needs, time and condition, because customer satisfaction is the basic thing.
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