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My co-operation with Aci Farfisa began in 2015, with a very interesting project: a very articulated modular entry door panel called "Alba".

A strongly evocative name!
In fact, this line marks a new course for the company which at that time felt the need to renew itself, investing in products with cutting-edge aesthetic and technological contents.

What struck me about Aci Farfisa right from the start were basically two things: the technical and technological capabilities of the company that designs and manufactures its products and the immediate harmony with the people involved in the project, which was the basis of a shared and synergistic path.

Today, after having developed two other lines together, Sette and Astro, I can confirm with satisfaction that the initial positive feeling was correct. I am convinced that together with Aci Farfisa in recent years we have developed lines that combine functionality and aesthetic rigor, shapes designed to last over time, which always place the user and his needs at the center of the project.

for everyone
The culture of the solution
Since 1967 we have been talking and working with thousands of partners operating in more than 60 countries around the world. We produce technologies that enhance and protect the communication processes of millions of people, both in residential and commercial and hospitality contexts.

All our products are primarily conceived as solutions at the service of every user, designing inclusive, concrete, simple, safe and functional designs, ergonomics and systems for every age, culture and context of use. This vision has always been fixed in the Company and inspires every figure in the team, guiding each work process and technological development.
The offer takes the form of solutions that respond to the most widespread requests in terms of accessibility: DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compatibility, attention and care in products and technologies also for the world of disabilities: buttons in relief with Braille for the blind, larger displays and backlit icons and key profiles for the visually impaired, compatibility on coils for hearing aids, ultra-wide-angle cameras for shooting even subjects in wheelchairs, and much more…



Wide angle lens

Cornetta in rilievo per una presa semplice e sicura
Each Farfisa product is simple, beautiful, intuitive, reliable at a glance and instinctively use.

This technological solidity and aesthetic-functional harmony are the result of a complex process, achieved thanks to the constant study and in symbiosis between our Research and Development department and the designer Alessandro Andreucci. A path that explores and implements new ideas in compliance with corporate values and the needs of use of global markets.
Functional objects that must live and shine in urban and residential spaces built and furnished according to the most diverse international trends: this is how we think and design the shapes, materials and finishes of our products.

In this way, all the new functional opportunities are always well developed, considering also the sensory level, so as to guarantee both operational performance and the pure pleasure of seeing, touching and using Farfisa technology in each product.
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