EUROPE /Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Videointercom installation made for reconstruction. Duo System technology. 350 users divided in 5 buildings with 70 users each. Internal stations ZHero series, main door panels (video) with Solvo series, secondary door panels (audio) Alba series.


The project

This has been one of the challanges on reconstruction field. Re-use of existing wiring and also of the existing system topology were the starting requests of the customer. The project needed video main door panels and audio secondary door panles on the landing and also the installation of the door panel on a steel wall. 


After a careful analysis, we thought that the big number of users needed a solution with Duo System. Re-use of the existing wiring is possible and also the easy management of big number of users. We confirmed also the installation of door panels on steel walls (in particular Alba were mounted on steel junction boxes)


New installation perfectly suits to the starting requirements of the customer and satisfy the installation needs and also the requests of end-user.

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