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ASIA / Solstice Philippines
Manila, Philippines
SOLSTICE Installation

Audio system with Duo System digital technology composed of 2 external towers of which one with 501 and the other with 425 apartments, each with 1 EX352 indoor station, 6 PDX2000 porter switchboards + veranda with 4 towers with 896 internal units in total. Work in progress.


The project

The plant with an objective difficulty due to the high number of users and the distance, requires the management of a high number of calls ("blocks" function)


Farfisa sales team and technicians have the opinion that the best offer that the company can offer is a standard solution, in fact already Farfisa offer in the catalog provides for the satisfaction of the customer's requests for the best quality / price ratio.


Duo System technology is already able to guarantee the installation required by the customer with efficiency and reliability, without engaging dedicated concepts.

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