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AMERICA / Caprese Building, Guatemala
Guatemala City, GUATEMALA
Caprese Building

Video installation with Duo System technology composed by 3 Solvo door panels and 48 apartments, each one with 2 EX3262C videointercoms, shared in 2 independent risers, with PDX2000 exchangers, 20 2281Q actuators for integration with elevators. Work in progress.


The project

This luxury installation needed “elevator” function and calls through “alias” with a special attention to the elegance, reliability even for “turnkey” service and made in Italy, too.


Farfisa sales and technical teams create synergies and draw up a plan that includes a material list with a dedicated configuration by Farfisa.


The configuration of the Farfisa plant is dedicated, customized and has been designed internally and involved different departments, the result fills us with pride

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