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Africa The Towers Cape Town South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
The Towers

Newly built 18-floor building, each floor houses 7 apartments, next to the building there are 7 cottages. The audio system consists of external stations, served with Solvo units: 1 main entrance and 2 secondary accesses for the building and the cottages; a PDX2000 concierge switchboard is installed at the reception while the internal stations are Exhito. Duo System technology.


The project

The project involves the supply of an intercom system for the entire complex, the splendid "The Towers", consisting of an 18-storey building and 7 cottages with the concierge at the reception.


It is fundamental to find the simplest solution to serve the various units of the complex, with respect to uprights, distances and number of external units.


It was decided to propose Duo System: by default it offers all the specifications that the client requested. A standard solution therefore!

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