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Nuovo catalistino Farfisa for Security 2016

The new CCTV price list for 2016 is now available! The product range is now showed into two main sections, related to the two main technologies which are widely used to make video surveillance systems at the moment: the analogue High Definition AHD technology and IP technology.

  • On the first, baside the products already available during 2015, new cameras and recorder able to capture, manage and record pictures up to full HD definition with 1080p resolution, have been introduced, keeping unchanged the principles of installation easiness and compatibility with exisitng systems which have driven our product's choices during last years.
  • Similarly, on the IP sector, 1080p resolution cameras have been introduced, using 2.4MP capturing sensors. Moreover, very soon even recorders (NVR's) with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) capability and auto-adding IP camera function will be available, allowing then a further easisness on making CCTV systems over IP.
  • Another new technology, available soon, is the camera and the NVR range based on H.265 compression technique: using this system, which allows about 30-40% bandwidth saving than H.264, it is possible to handle pictures captured at 4MP resolution and drive displaying on UHD (4K), then up to 4 times higher than the full HD one. As completion of this range, it is available a new 24" monitor supporting 4K resolution and allowing then to display well the pictures captured by this new technology.

The new price list can be required to our sales team, who can provide also specific promotions according to customer's requests.]]>
Meeting in Sarajevo 30.09.2015

 On 22nd September our Bosnian distributor Cip Sistemi organized a technical meeting together with Farfisa staff coming from Italy. In the crowded room many installers and wholesalers were present. Therefore the Cip Sistemi managers introduced the sale and technical Italian personnel.
The guests were extremely impressed with interest and enthusiasm towards the topics. It was the right opportunity to introduce the new catalogue and the news showed were basically Duo System and IP technology, in order to show how the technology is evolving in digital.]]>
New catalogue 05.08.2015

Now available the new videointercom catalogue in Italian and English versions. Renovated in graphics, of course updating the content, the catalogue is organized in installation systems, from Digital (2 wires Duo System, FN4000 and then DF6000), up to Analogue ones. The common videointercom systems integrate myLogic Home Automation. Moreover, as significant piece of news in the catalogue, Aci Farfisa presents the videointercom system on IP technology. To complete the catalogue, you can find the sections of Access Control and Telephony. Click here to browse the catalogue.]]>
New CCTV catalogue 01.04.2015

The new CCTV catalogue for 2015 is now available. The whole offer for video surveillance has been updated by newest and technologically evolved products, to face even better the nowadays requests in security field.

Beside the enlargement of IP Mega pixel camera range, successfully introduced during 2014,  the most interesting technology solution is on the AHD (Analogue High Definition) which allows the video signal transmission over coaxial cable with resolution up to 720p. On the 2015 catalogue a complete range of Waterproof / Dome camera and real time DVR has been proposed: all of them are compatible with traditional analogue systems and then they allow a progressive migration of analogue systems to the high definition ones.

With the aim of make easier the reader's choice and find the most suitable solution to his requests, since this year, the catalogue is divided into technologies IP, Analog, AHD, HD-SDI, Monitor and Accessories instead of product's families.
As further support to the customer there are some indications about CCTV applications and tables about cameras' comparison and camera to recording system matching.
Obviously each product is described with photo, code, technical information and detailed description. Further comparison tables are available as quick reference to understand imediately the differences amongst them.

To download the catalogue click here.]]>
Meeting in Tallinn, Estonia 13.03.2015

 On 26th February the distributor in Estonia, Alarmeco has organized a technical seminar in co-operation with staff coming from Farfisa. Many of their clients kindly accepted the invitation, so the course took place in Tallinn where the Farfisa engineers talked to a group composed by installers, systems integrators and designers, totally around 90 people. All of them showed enthusiasm and interest to the topics.
So two sections of the technical training basically focused on Duo System and home automation systems have been carried out in the same day. Even the news about Agorà IP system have been properly shared. Definitely a pretty good results of participation in this nice occasion.]]>

In October an important meeting amongst one of our best commercial technical engineers and a group composed from more than 40 salesmen and technicians in videointercom installations field took place in Thessaloniki. Thanking to an impeccable organization of our Greek distributor "2MA", a corporate introduction was the beginning and then a serious technical training about the main installation systems, amongst which Duo System and specifically Duo on myLogic home automation systems, too. The meeting has got good results, this surely means an effective collaboration between Aci Farfisa and 2MA and above all high expectations for the future. Thanks and have a good job.]]>
New display 27.08.2014

Starting from today a new stand-up floor corporate display is available to make the product promotion easier. It is to be positioned on the ground of the point of sale: the best place for the product promotion, ideal for the clients relationship management. It is conceived to confirm the presence, to spark interest and support the salesman. The display shows 2 sides. One introduces a group of main product lines with internal and external door stations, this means Zhero, MyLogic, Profilo and Matrix Style. On the other side you can find some pictures of myLogic home automation area. Qr code is present so that you can –Through a smartphone or tablet – easily and directly connect to the corporate web site, to deepen the matters. Moreover also the Made in Italy logo is evident as well, this is a value Aci Farfisa strongly believes in.
Light, hardy, made in carton, it is about 1,80 mt high, therefore practical and not-bulky.]]>
Technical assistance et distribution in Belgium 25.07.2014  For technical support and distribution in Belgium of Farfisa products please contact the company GI.BI.DI. ( at the phone number 0032 (0)15-71.53.43.]]>
Summer holidays for Aci Farfisa 21.07.2014

 We inform that Aci Farfisa will close for summer holidays from 4th to 22nd August. We will be back on Monday August 25th. We wish you a very nice break!]]>
Technical support is online 11.02.2014

 Since today, the ACI Farfisa technical service can also be reached on line!

Using Skype you can contact Andrea Campolungo on profile farfisa_tech_exp. A further way to serve more closely our customers and distribution network in the territory.]]>